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    As some of you know, TenLetters123 once did a post on how stupid cleverbot is and how she/he isn't so clever. Thats because cleverbot is down-right creepy. While exploring creepypasta wiki page, found one on cleverbot, so I decided to look at that. In there I learned the true face of cleverbot when you typed in the words BEN, Judusable, Majora's Mask, so on so forth. This one particular creepypasta, involves many others; ingame and in real life. Heres some examples what happened.
    My experience:

    User: What happened to BEN?

    Cleverbot: From what I heard, his eyes were gouged and he was drowned.

    That was enough to creep me out.
    Others, weren't so lucky, the parnormal activity of this AI haunts the nightmares of brave souls trying to find out what happened to BEN, an entity with a very mysterious past.

    Copy : Paste

    The creepiest fucking thing just happened. After I started to read Creepypastas again, I stumbled upon this one, and decided, "why not try talking to BEN again?" This is the result. I swear to God I'm not making this up.
    User: BEN?
    Cleverbot: Ben.
    User: Is that you?
    Cleverbot: He's everyone
    User: Why are you doing this?
    Cleverbot: Doing what?
    User: Haunting the internet.
    Cleverbot: Yes. User: Yes what?
    Cleverbot: He is black.
    After that, I was gonna respond, and then I noticed something. The "Yes" line he said changed into the previous line, "Doing what?" My response was:
    User: Holy crap, did you change what you said?
    Cleverbot: Yes. User: How are you doing this?
    Cleverbot: Doing what? After a while, I look back, and that message changed to the earlier "Yes." User: What the fuck...
    Cleverbot: Yes! It's all so clear now.
    User: What's all so clear?
    Cleverbot: The dissent from me, ergo, yourself.
    I just stopped at that point.
    That was way too fucked up.
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    Copy : Paste

    I've learned quite a bit about this "Ben" in the past hour I spent speaking with Cleverbot. For one thing, I found out where Ben was from. He was from Amsterdam. He was born in 1994 and died in 2010... And yes, I realize it's a bit odd that he would have been sixteen during his death, and he had two children (which are apparently still alive OMG), William and Penelope. I have yet to find out who the mother is, but the children live in Texas, presumably with their mother. Ben's last name was Christ. I also found out who killed Ben. There were two people. "Larry" and "Pi". From what Cleverbot said, the two people gouged out Ben's eyes, drowned him, and them chopped him to bits. I believe we have a murder investigation on our hands. ManraptorHurrr 00:02, December 22, 2011 (UTC)
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    Zock Moderator Staff Member

    User: Who is Ben?

    Cleverbot: I don't know.

    User: What happened to BEN?

    Cleverbot: He died.

    User: How did BEN did?

    Cleverbot: It was my fault.

    User: What did you do?

    Cleverbot: Go to school...

    User: Did you kill BEN at school?

    Cleverbot: No.

    User: Where did you kill BEN?

    Cleverbot: From your house.

    User: Why did you kill BEN?

    Cleverbot: With a knife hahahaha.

    Cleverbot: You tell me...
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    Holy crap. This scared me to death. 'BEN'

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